Systems and technical services


In the field of electrical systems and technical services, V.T.S. Srl carries out in detail:


  • Civil and industrial electrical systems;
  • Fire prevention systems;
  • Structured wiring systems;
  • Video surveillance systems;
  • Anti-intrusion systems;
  • Civil alarm systems;
  • Controlled access systems;
  • Lighting systems.


Kedrion s.p.a.

V.T.S. Srl has carried out the installation and the multi-year maintenance of the electrical, special and company security systems.
Anti-intrusion systems have been installed in the company offices of Bolognana, Il Ciocco, Castelvecchio Pascoli, Naples and in the executive offices of Viareggio and Rome. In the offices of Bolognana, Il Ciocco, Castelvecchio Pascoli and Naples we have also installed a video surveillance system.
Our company has also carried out the exterior lighting project of the new production site in Castelvecchio Pascoli.
In the requalification of the various buildings used for offices, we have installed complex systems of structured cabling, fire prevention systems and controlled access systems.
Controlled access systems have also been installed in the production departments of the Bolognana plant.


During the refurbishment of the hotel, between 2011 and 2014, our group carried out the requalification of all electrical systems according to Marriott standards.

We have carried out the electrical systems, fire prevention systems, data systems and lighting systems for the interior (rooms, bathrooms and common areas).

We have also been in charge of the exterior lighting of the resort, which includes the hotel, the swimming pool, the driveways, the parking areas and so on.

Lastly, a fire prevention system has been installed in the “Auditorium 2000”, which is a meeting room with 90 seats capacity.